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Tuesday, September 04, 2001

It was really nice having an extra day off. I didn't realize what a difference that would make until I was driving home from the Plough last night at 11:30 and not feeling exhausted and not wholly dreading my early wake up call in the morning. I felt like I'd had a nice relaxing weekend, gotten most of what I needed to do done, and still had time left over for rest and recreation. Very pleasant.

I went to visit little Logan yesterday. He's very tiny - 6lbs. 2 oz. right now. Itty bitty. But everything is there and he looks just perfect. I brought Sean and Elizabeth some home cooked foods which they could slice up and microwave to avoid anything like cooking for the next few days. I figure I'll fix more towards next weekend. I also had to do it. I gave Logan his first DVD - Logan's Run. Heck, I figure the kid has to see it sometime. Sean and Elizabeth both cheered because they couldn't remember if the babies start out with clear stones or green stones in their palms.

This morning is the first day of User Acceptance Testing round two. This means two things. First, I had to be here at 8:00. Still, I was surprised at how painless it was to get up this morning even though I'd only had about five hours of sleep. Second, I realized that the only way I could get coffee this morning was to stop on my way into work since the computer labs don't have a coffee machine. So I decided to stop by Krispy Kreme and see about getting coffee for me and some donuts for the testers. Much to my surprise, not only was there no traffic congestion on 101 (a route I don't usually take, largely due to traffic congestion), but the Krispy Kreme had no line. This either means one of two things. Either the blush has gone off the apple as far as Krispy Kreme goes, or everyone in the Bay Area has realized that no matter how good the donuts are, the coffee is just not up to snuff. I've had stronger coffee at Denny's. I've been there several times and I keep thinking that it's just this one batch. But it seems that's just how they make it. And if Krispy Kreme is going to last for the long run, it's all about the coffee. Their donuts, while delicious, don't actually contain an addictive substance. Coffee does, and a coffee drinker will go wherever they have to to satisfy their addiction. The other possible conclusion is that they Bay Area is really in a recession. If folks aren't even buying donuts anymore, then things are getting desperate.


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