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Wednesday, September 19, 2001

So last night when Rick finally got home after slaying the virus that ate his work, he shuffled into the kitchen with a sort of Hi Honey that made me wonder what he was up to. At the time, I was up to elbows in dinner and mostly wishing I had an extra hand. I got home last night and seemed to snap out of my funk and immediately notice how messy the house was. So I cleaned the whole downstairs, cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer, and used the remaining good vegetables to make lemon grass rice noodle soup, pot stickers, and chow mein with bok choy, onions, and broccoli. After dinner, Rick couldn't stand it anymore. He bought a toy and claimed, "I'm just doing my part to save our economy!"

Now we have our own personal copy of Dance Dance Revolution. I've played it on several occasions in the arcade, but most movie theaters (the last bastion of the arcade) have bumped up the per game price to two or three dollars. No thank you! So Rick moved the coffee table, busted out the PlayStation, and laid out the mats. We spent the next hour jumping around our living room. It's definitely even more fun at home where you don't have to worry about being humiliated in front of anyone who decided to see a movie that night, or the amazing little Korean kids who play so much that they have the patterns memorized. It's great exercise, and much to my great surprise, there's Rick standing next to me having a blast doing something remotely akin to dancing! The one thing we had trouble with was with the pad slipping on the carpet. We figure we'll put some sticky velcro on the back of the pad and attach it to a piece of plywood. One other great feature is that this game plays on the original Playstation. It's not a graphics intensive game (again reaffirming my strong belief that game play is too undervalued in favor of look), and there are tons of people out there with original Playstations who have yet to upgrade.

Hee hee. New toys are fun. And we're doing our part to save the economy and prove we're good American consumers. Er, yah.


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