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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

You know, what realize surprises me one day later is how callous and unfeeling some people can be. My manager suggested that the reason I didn't make it in to the office on time was because I "just got sucked into the TV". This one true on one level, but not in the sense that she meant it. She has a tendency to think of me as a young kid who is just like all those other young kids who watch too much TV and don't know much of anything. It's getting really irritating. She made another snide remark about Jo-Ann, who made it on time, but who was crying upon arrival. My manager said, "Oh she's just upset about her boyfriend because he's a cop." Because clearly there was nothing else to be upset about - like maybe the destruction of two of the tallest, most heavily populated buildings in the country by a terrorist attack! Or maybe an attack on our military headquarters! Or maybe even the trivial destruction of four planes in a one hour time period? Sheesh.

Rick got a page from his boss at 9:30 wondering why he wasn't there yet. When he got in, Randy said, "So why were you late?" Rick explained that he was watching the news coverage. Randy said, "Well I know it's sensational and all, but that doesn't mean the work day was called off." Maybe not at Midway West, but in a whole lot of other places it was.

It was this sort of callous disregard for how others may react to the same input that just startled me. Sure, maybe it didn't seem like such a big deal to them, but why didn't it? And how dare they be so insensitive as to chastize those that were feeling awful. Ugh. Makes me wanna scream at them.


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