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Thursday, October 25, 2001

I know that I'm largely depressed today because last night Tigger was diagnosed with diabetes and because someone else put an offer in on the townhouse we want, but dammit, I'm just all up in knots about what our government is up to and how terrifyingly filtered American news is. We are not getting a real picture of what's going on. Back on September 11th, what I really wanted to know was why the terrorists hate America enough to spend YEARS getting trained to commit suicide. Clearly, we're not getting the big picture, and maybe if we were then we could react more efficiently.

I really strongly believe that not only did government have some level of knowledge about these attacks happening and concientiously let it happen anyway, but I also think that they're now doing exactly what I'd expect and exploiting the tragedy to pass legislation to take away basic American freedoms in the name of anti-terrorism. And still the news is filtered. NPR this morning barely mentioned that the Anti-Terror billhad passed the House. No analysis of the possible repercusions for the average American. No commentary. No nothing. Just, "this bill passed and goes on to the senate today."

Meanwhile, my friend Jeff in Sacramento keeps sending out articles that point out how the attack on Afghanistan was planned well before September 11th. The thing of it is, we probably won't know anything until 40 years later (for one reason or another, if ever. There's even a little part of me that wonders if these hijackers (or at least these scapegoats)weren't arranged by our governent and if the anthrax isn't being sent out by the CIA or the NSA or something. On the other hand, the anthrax in the mail did start promptly AFTER we started bombing Afghanistan. It all seems so tit for tat. And I still don't understand why they're so damned pissed off.

Maybe we should forget about buying a place and just work on moving to Canada. I'm tired of being an American. I just can't seem to acheive the right level of blind patriotism required.


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