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Tuesday, October 02, 2001

I tried on my costume for Dickens Fair on Friday night. I guess I haven't gained as much weight as I thought. If I can lose just 5 or maybe 10 pounds in the next month, then I can wear my current costume. I put Emily on hold for redesigning it. I want to fit back into it. I did manage to get into the corset and get everything buttoned, but it was a bit tight across the top. I can do this though. I can lose the weight. I've got all the incentive in the world. I need to do it for my feet. I need to do it for my costume. I need to do it for my personal sanity. So I'm going to do it. That's my whole goal structure for the month. Tomorrow I'm going to Weight Watchers at 12:15 to sign up. I need to weigh in weekly to keep myself honest. No more dawdling. No more "I'll start after such and such event". Forget it. Now is the time.

On the flipside, I went to the thrift store on Sunday with Rick and found two dresses that just screamed out to the little goth girl within. Now I'm planning to go to the Bal de Vampire just because I have something I have to wear. It's black and slinky and looks absolutely fabulous with my corset underneath. The other dress was a black lace babydoll that I haven't any idea when I'll be able to wear. It fits alright, but it's very very see-through. It's funny because I'd just given up on finding anything at the thrift store because the place was under seige for Halloween costumes. Usually that means that anything slightly kooky or interesting has been snatched up to be destroyed as part of a costume that will be worn once and discarded. There was one girl wandering around with her mother trying to put together an 80's outfit. The funny thing was that the mom was picking out all sorts of stuff worn by the average schmoe in the 80's and the daughter was thinking archtypal 80's - leg warmers, cut off sweatshirts, and so forth. The mom kept saying, "If you're going to do 80's, it may as well be authentic." and she proceeded to pick out things she undoubtedly would've worn in the 80's. It was funny to watch. Finally, I ended up suggesting one way to alter a skirt that would make it do more what she was looking for. She was totally thrilled. Like totally dude.


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