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Friday, October 26, 2001

One thing I forgot about the trip to Disneyland. The oil companies are fucking northern California. The absolute cheapest price I've found in the Bay Area this week was $1.49 for regular unleaded at Costco (plus the amortized cost of the membership card). The Texaco on campus is still charging $1.90 a gallon. Right off of I-5 in the City of Commerce, there was an Arco selling gas for $1.29. I was so aghast that I woke the entire carload with my "Oh.My.God." On the freeway at the little roadside outposts, it was only $1.39 (in Buttonwillow for example). And that's not just the Arco, but also Mobil and Shell. I wanted to scream. Evil oil companies. Evil.


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