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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

So the Haunted Mansion redone as The Nightmare Before Christmas totally rocked! On the third time through, I was still noticing new details. It was a really fun, relaxing weekend. On the drive down, we had a good drive listening to Cetaganda on tape. After a nap, Rick played with his laptop and his GPS. As we climbed over the grapevine, several satelites told us how fast we were climbing at what speed and where we were on the map. It's a cool toy, but still too rough to be more than a novelty. Still, I'm surprised the technology hasn't come together more efficiently (and inexpensively) for installation in cars. Using Rick's old P120 laptop, it kept up just fine. We got to watch ourselves come to a screeching halt at the two accidents preceeding the road work in the valley, and again at the one accident preceeding the road work in LA, and again at the accident preceeding the road work in Orange County. One of these days it would be really nice if CalTrans would learn that they need to put signs and warnings out farther than the traffic backs up. This seems to be the particular specialty of CalTrans in Southern California. When I lived there, I saw this happen far too often.

At around 2am, we finally made it to the Candy Cane Inn. It was as nice as advertised - definitely a cut above the average motel surrounding Disneyland. We got up the next morning (with some help from the maid staff) and picked Fred up at the airport. He had plans with Marla on Friday night, so he flew down and joined us. We decided to spend the extra money and get a flex passport so that we could hop between parks. This ended up being such a good idea. We spent the next few days wandering back and forth, using the FastPass system to it's full advantage. California Adventure has also added Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Play It! in the Hollywood section. This was a lot of fun. We played it three times during the weekend, and I consistently found myself in the top ten list, but never quite made it to the top of the list to get into the hotseat. In fact, in every top ten, it seemed that at least one of us was there. We had our usual lunch on Saturday at the Blue Bayou. Something about that place always puts me in a better, calmer mood. It's such a perfect illusion. We also tried lunch at the Soap Opera Bistro on Sunday. We found ourselves in the Chandler Mansion from All My Children. It meant nothing to me, but apparently Rick watched soaps as a teenager so that he could talk about them with girls. Anyway, our waiter was a hoot. He couldn't have been more than 19, but he was dressed in smoking jacket and ascot and portrayed himself as a lush. Very silly.

We headed home about 1:00 on Monday after one last try for the hotseat in Millionaire and one more pass through the Haunted Mansion. By 7:00 we wer back in San Jose, dropping Fred at Marla's apartment. Dirk, Tracey, and Camryn came over for coffee and dessert. Camryn has accquired two front teeth, and she's starting to walk. She walked over to me from the table. Amazing. Every time I see her, she's a totally different person. We traded stories of various house hunting experiences. We showed them pictures of the place we're looking at on Pomeroy. They showed us pictures of the place they're looking at in Ravenna. They headed back to the city around 10:30. We got ready for bed. And then the music started.

Around 11:30, some really loud Indian music began wafting in from the parking lot. After ten minutes or so, Rick poked his finger through the blinds to see what was up. There was a guy, very very drunk, stumbling in and out of his car, trying to call on his cel phone. Indian music was straining the speakers of his little Honda Accord. Our neighbor Mo was just walking out to go talk to the guy. After a moment, Mo gave up and headed back inside. The guy started to get back in his car and back up. That's when we decided to call the cops. This guy couldn't stand, and the thought of his being out driving around was terrifying. A few minutes later we went down to investigate. The guy had backed up, but not driven away, and the music was as loud as ever. I walked out front and ran into our neighbor's cat Spooky. I picked her up and took her over to their place. Scott and Carolina work swing shifts so they're usually up at this hour. Unfortunately, their daughter was trying to sleep, but there was no chance of sleep in our building tonight. Before long, Scott, Mo, Rick and I were all standing out there shooting the breeze. Around 12:30, the drunken guy's friend arrived and walked him inside the apartments. A moment later, I saw a cop roll by, so I ran out to the street to catch her. The drunk guy had left his cell phone sitting on top of his car roof. In the next few minutes, three cop cars pulled up. By now, most of the neighbors (who had apparently all called the police) were standing around telling tales of what they saw this guy do. By 12:40, we were all heading back inside to try doing that sleep thing again. I was so tired yesterday.

Unfortunately, Tigger seemed unwell on Tuesday morning. She wouldn't jump up on the bed with us for morning snuggles, and she didn't eat her food from last night. So I called an made a vet appointment for 6:15 and hoped she'd be fine in the interim. An hour at the vet, and $171 later, she was ready to head home. By the time we were ready for bed, she still hadn't eaten anything all day. Rick headed to the store for some baby food, which is her food of choice when ill. We coaxed her into eating a tablespoon of Gerber Veal. I would never eat veal myself, but if it's the only thing my sick cat will eat, then so be it. I'm still waiting to hear back from the vet this morning. Hopefully it's just a little tummy ache. Still, it sure worries me when she's sick.


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