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Sunday, October 07, 2001

So last week was totally stressful. The good news is that if all goes well tomorrow, there's a strong chance I'll be as ready as I was hoping for to teach the Manage Payroll Records class on Tuesday. The other good news is that I managed to stay on my diet all week. Yay! The bad news is that we bombed Afghanistan today. That's really depressing. I still have so many questions and doubts about why we're striking back with bombs. We're striking back in a way that says we're no better than they (Osama, the Taliban, whoever). I know that a response is necessary, but this just doesn't feel right. Kinda messed with my relaxing day off. So, instead of burying myself in news coverage, I headed out to go shopping, and followed that up with some Buffy reruns and hair dying at home.

We're having an office decorating contest for Halloween. I've dived in with a whole Nightmare Before Christmas theme. That's actually the only thing that kept me occupied on Friday while I had to wait for the database to be available for editing. Usually, on Fridays, we can update the training databas from 10-5. Since I'm teaching Tuesday, I had to make some edits. In the morning they were supposed to upload my new training IDs and some tables that had been left out the week before, and then I was supposed to go in after that and test it all, and do my updates. All before 5:00 of course. By 1:30, I still hadn't heard that it was safe to go in and check the database or update it, but my office space was nicely decorated! Oh well. I finally got into the database around 2:00 and managed to get most of the testing done before 5:00, and then did most of my data entry after that. The real test will be tomorrow. Now I just need a copy of the Nightmare Before Christmas CD to rip to my hard drive and I'll be ready for Halloween. This weekend I even got a little fake Christmas tree and some jack-o-latern lights to decorate it with. Hee hee! I love Halloween!


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