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Monday, November 19, 2001

At some point last week I made a stop to check out the new Trader Joes in Mtn. View to find that it wasn't open yet. This prompted me to make a stop at The Milk Pail instead. In this one shopping center is an Albertson's and a Safeway, and soon there will be a Trader Joes (all grocery stores), but what was most remarkable was this tiny market in the same complex. They had the most amazing selection of cheeses I've ever seen. There were more than a dozen refrigerator cases just for cheese. This is on top of their amazing selection of fabulous produce. In fact, I originally thought that the Milk Pail was just a produce stand. And then I noticed the cheese. And then I noticed the fabulous selection of British foods any ex-pat would love. And then I noticed all of the other specialties from other countries. And then I noticed the breads. They had the most amazing selection of everything a gourmet, or ex-pat would love. So naturally I picked up a roll of British ginger biscuits. Mmmm. And some fresh snow peas, and some brocolli, and onions, and bok choy. With a big bag of groceries, I handed over my $4.74 and headed home with a fabulous new find under my belt. I know where I'll be doing my grocery shopping before parties from now on.

It's really too bad that the housing right around there is so expensive. With Caltrain and Light Rail both accessible from the same station just behind the markets, this is the sort of location I'd love to live in. It's urban, easily accessible to public transportation, but without being oppressively congested and suffering from the standard urban blights (homelessness, the stench of urine, and general filth).


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