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Wednesday, November 07, 2001

For those who are still wondering, Tigger is doing a bit better. Her kidneys are functioning somewhat, although not fully. She's on medication for the heart condition, and they're not going to give her more insulin until she's eating regularly. She seems to be controlling her glucose adequately without it since she isn't eating. She's been home with us for the last couple of days. She's still not eating though. They sent her home since she was off the IV to see if maybe she'd start eating again in her familiar homestead. So, for the last three days, we've wrestled her twice a day to send pills and food down her throat. When we get the food in her mouth, she doesn't seem to mind too much and actually swallows it quickly, but it is such a battle to get the food to her mouth. We're using the syringe left over from my wisdom tooth extraction with the tip cut down to allow a greater flow. I fill it up with a mixture of Gerber baby food and CatSip, a special milk for cats. Stirred together and spooned into the syringe for speedy delivery. I keep telling her if she'd just eat, we could avoid most of this wrestling and she'd probably start feeling a lot better. In the meantime, it's really nice to wake up in the early morning and have her jump into bed with me for cuddles. I'm so glad to have her home.

Still, she's headed back to the vet later this week for a glucose test, a kidney function test, and to have her heart listened to. If she's still not eating by then, the vet may prescribe an appetite stimulant. We'll see.

Athena came over for Buffy last night and said she looked just awful. I felt compelled to keep explaining how amazingly great she actually looked, by comparison of course. Buffy was completely amazing. I can't even begin to describe why it was so fabulous. They hit everything. It was funny. It was infectuous. It was shocking in the plot points it brought out. Fabulous. It wasn't just a musical for the sake of doing something different. It was a musical that actually advanced the story. I really think Spike could play Roger in Rent if they decided to do a film version. And I got to watch most of it with a Tigger in my lap. Yay!


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