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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

I'm starting to feel the pressure. I'm not sure I have any free time left for the next six weeks. That's pretty scary. My Meeting Maker calendar looks like someone threw up on it. It's a strange sort of technicolor yawn. I taught my payroll class yesterday and it went well. I left work at a reasonable hour for quite possibly the last time this year, and Rick ended up playing hookie yesterday (hookie being a really strong term since he spent the day taking Tigger back to the vet and generally caring for her), so when I got home at 5:30, we were able to go out shopping together. We've determined that it's time to buy a new mattress. The amazing thing is how completely expensive mattresses are. I went into it thinking we'd be able to a nice mattress for less than a thousand dollars, but after a night of looking, it's looking much closer to $2000. Of course, that is for a good mattress with motion control (so that when Rick moves in the night I don't say things in my half-sleep like, "Why do you want me awake?") and also one that has firm support and a pillow top. We may be able to find a decent one for around $1299, but that's still far more than I was expecting, and it certainly isn't everything we desire like the $2499 Simmons Beautyrest Baleray with memory foam top and 1400 individually wrapped coils. And shopping for a mattress is a total nightmare. Each store has very similar beds, but they each are just slightly different and have a different name. This makes price comparisons next to impossible. Then there's the issue of the salesmen (all men mind you) and their half-educated marketing babble. And they all make it very clear that they want you to hand over your credit card right now and let them make you a deal. It's just kinda spooky. Frankly, we'll probably end up buying from Sleep Train strictly because their sales guy was the least creepy and their return/exchange policy was the best. But let me tell you, after three hours of mattress shopping, I didn't want to buy a mattress at all anymore. Unfortunately, sleeping on our current mattress changed my mind back again. Sigh.

Anyway, so around 11:00 as we were watching Buffy (bad Willow, no bicuit! or girlfriend, or anything. Bad bad Wilow!) we got a knock on the door from our neighbor Scott. Apparently his girlfriend's mom and sister, who live in the apartment above them, are being threatened with a three day notice for eviction from our manager who has apparently lost her mind. She said she's gotten complaints about jumping and noise and that she's going to serve them with notice. Now, it seems to me that a three day notice is awfully extreme for a daytime noise complaint. Especially when the only person who could really make such a complaint would be Scott since he's the one who lives directly downstairs, and he didn't complain. Anyway, I don't know what grounds she's going to come up with, but it scares the crap out of me because the manager never wrote a pet agreement for us, saying to not worry about it. Now she's talking abotu throwing another tenant out becase of having a pet (another story that came out while we were talking about Scott's family's situation). It's all just a little psycho. I'm thinking of contacting Project Sentinel now. It's just a shame. Ever since Janet moved out of the area, the management problems have gotten worse and worse, and her reactions have become really weird and extreme and unhelpful. I'm even more sad now that we didn't at least get to make an offer on the townhouse on Pomeroy. I really wanted to live there. Hopefully something will come up for sale that we like before we get kicked out with three days notice. I just can't believe Janet's doing this during the holiday season. It's really scary and nerve wracking. I do not have the time to move right now.

So anyway, that just adds to my panic about lack of free time. And when I say free time, I mean the kind of time that you spend at home curled up on the sofa with sweetie and kitty enjoying a home cooked meal. Yeah, that kind of time.


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