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Friday, November 02, 2001

So for those who are wondering, Tigger is still in the hospital. She has added kidney failure to her list of ailments and the outlook is not good at all. The new vet, Dr. Pederson, is going to take her off Lasix and see if she gets some kidney function back. If not, she's done for. We should know in the next few days if that's the case. Hopefully she'll start eating again and she'll start feeling better. She hasn't eaten anything of her own free will for over a week now. They finally tried force feeding her liquid food last night on the hope of jump starting her hunger reflex. Everything else has been intravenous for a week and a half now. At least she's breathing better, and the arrythmia seems to be under control with medication. She even purred a little last night when I came in to snuggle her. I sure hope she pulls through this. I keep hearing stories of kitties that have walked right up to death's door, knocked, and then wandered off to live three or more years of happy healthy life with just a little medication. If Tiggs can do that, I really want her to stay. If she can't live a comfortable life though, I have no interest in torturing her. I love her far too much for that.


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