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Thursday, November 15, 2001

So last night was a Tempest show at the King's Head Pub in Campbell. I really like the little town of Campbell. It's got small town feel down for a place that has a major freeway running through the center of it. The King's Head is such a great pub. The one thing that detracts is the absolutely painful slowness of the service there. Still, the food is good, once you finally get it. Just don't expect to be served quickly.

Almost single-handedly, I danced myself senseless. Luckily, one fellow Fezziwigger showed up (Patrick) and then there was Ray, who was mightily distracted by the lovely and charming Careen. Hopefully we've managed to convince her to come out to the Plough and take lessons. Also, a charming young lady by the name of Michelle came up after a bit of our dancing and said, "Can you show me how to do your kind of dancing?" After a half hour of basic instruction, she had her basic footwork down (and actually looking really good), and was doing the body of the four hand reel with us. Hopefully we've also convinced her to start coming to the Plough. She had the distinct advantage of already knowing jazz and tap and ballet, so going from a basic pony step to a three was just as easy as pie.

It would've been a really great night with just a couple more dancers. I was disappointed that both Rachel and Paul didn't end up making it. Oh well. Hopefully there will be a next time. The King's Head is such a nice comfortable space that I really appreciate having Tempest there versus at the Plough. And Paul's earlier comment this week about Tempest sounding pretty good again is spot on. They've been struggling through changes in their line-up for a year or so now, but the new band members are settling in and the show is start to have a lot of the old zing. The first set was a little slow and not particularly danceable, but the second set completely rocked. Between some improv single reels and polka-ing to death with Patrick, I didn't have anything left for the death jig that they usually end with. Bouncy bouncy fun fun fun.

In other news, Tigger got a blood test back yesterday. Her diabetes is in remission. She isn't taking insulin, and her blood glucose is normal. Her liver and kidney function is also normal. She's got a lump between her shoulder blades that is a reaction to the needle sticks for the insulin she was taking, but the doctor isn't concerned and thinks it will get better on it's own in a week or so. Dr. Pederson prescribed a appetite stimulant on Sunday, and she's been eating of her own free will since Monday. I think she's on the road to a longer happy life. Thank goodness. I just wasn't quite ready to lose her yet. Maybe I'll get a couple more years with her.


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