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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

So on Sunday night we were catching up on our last week of Buffy reruns. FX is in the midst of season 3. What caught my attention was the episode entitled "Earshot". This is the one where Buffy ends up touching the blood of a demon and taking on an aspect of the demon as a result - specifically telepathy. She can hear what everyone else is thinking. In the cafeteria the next day she hears someone thinking that they're planning to kill everyone tomorrow.

This is the episode that was not aired until well after it was supposed to originally because of Columbine. Now three years later, it's a really interesting artifact. It proves that what happened at Columbine was not inconceivable. It wasn't out of the realm of normal possibility. Xander even makes a comment about kids shooting up there schools these days and how commonplace it is. Columbine just turned it from "could've been worse" to "Oh God. Someone really did it."

I remember watching it a few months after Columbine. At the time, it didn't get much of a rise out of me. Now, it just raises the hair on the back of my neck. It was a reasonable assumption that it could happen. It was reasonable enough to make comedy out of it. Jonathan with his guns in the school bell tower wasn't the killer. He was just planning to kill himself. It was the cafeteria lady with a box of rat poison, who Xander inadvertantly stumbled across in his quest for Jello. Needless to say, I'm convinced that season 3 was the best season of Buffy out there for a lot of reasons.


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