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Thursday, November 29, 2001

Wow. It's been a good long time since I've written anything here. Sorry for the pause. Between entering the final month before Go Live of my project at work (thus initiating the "All Live Training, All The Time!" phase of my job), and the start of Dickens Fair, I haven't had half a moment to sit at my desk.

Okay, well, I made time for one half a moment on Monday. My grandparents and my mom were asking at Thanksgiving what I wanted for Christmas. Unfortunately I had no idea other than "a big pile of money for a down payment on a house?" Somehow that response didn't get the "Oh, sure, we could do that" that I'd daydreamed about. Oh well. So on Monday I updated my wishlist at, but unfortunately found that it was now shareware costing $5.99 a year instead of free like it was two weeks ago. Bleh. Oh well. Still, if you close the popup window, it lets you update it. I think I'll decide after Christmas if I want to pay them money to keep my list live. In the meantime, visitors can still access it for free. Still, more than anything on the list (barring the Jacuzzi), I think I'd still rather have a big pile of money to add to the down payment fund. I'm just weird like that.

Well, I'm off to go bond with my sofa. Too many days of training with a bad instructor guide and a broken database make Ammy something something...


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