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Thursday, December 27, 2001

Argh. Yesterday I wrote a lengthy post regarding my joys and journeys for the past week, but unfortunately, Blogger was hacked into and my post got lost in the aftermath. Suffice to say, I survived my project going live. Out of 14,000 records converted from the old system to the new, only 100 had problems that would prevent payroll from running successfully, and we have two weeks to figure those out (most of which are very minor problems like the person is hired for more that 40 hours). January 7th paychecks should be delivered successfully. We'll see as we get closer.

I also survived the last weekend of Dickens Fair, and I even got married! Well, at least Miss Emilia did. It all happened rather suddenly. Mr. Topham asked Papa for Lavinia's hand in marriage. Papa said that she was too young, and besides, her two older sisters would have to be married first. Mr. Hopkins quickly obliged and asked for Cordelia's hand in marriage. Topper promptly asked if that was sufficient, and requested to marry Lavinia again. Mr. Fezziwig said, "Of course not! Miss Emilia still has to find a suitable husband first!" I promptly added that I have no intention to marry until I find someone who can show me the world and take me on many adventures. An hour or so later, Mr. Fairfax caught me backstage and proposed that I should marry him. I again repeated my statement that I had no interest in marriage unless it would bring me adventure. He said that he was a man of independent means and that we could travel the world. I said, "Let's go!" After some discussion, we decided to elope and send Papa a telegram from Gretna Green. The telegram arrived promptly at 5:40, and Mama cried and Papa nearly fell over he was so stunned. We arrived promptly on the heels of the telegram, allowing just enough time for everyone to react. I announced, "Oh Papa, we've just returned from the most fantastic adventure to Egypt! We even saw a mummy's tomb when we visited Mr. and Mrs. Petrie on an archaelogical dig. Mr. Fairfax wanted take me on to see the tea plantations in India and China, but I insisted that we couldn't possibly miss the Christmas party! Mama inspected my finger for a ring, and Papa welcomed Mr. Fairfax into the family. Then we went into the parlor carol sing. Hee hee! I was introduced around as Mrs. Fairfax (which actually did make me squirm a bit oddly enough. Miss Emilia likes being young and free as much as I do! And she likes being a Fezziwig!) and generally it was a good bit of fun for a while. Miss Lavinia was again told she was too young to marry, but she was introduced to everyone as "Miss Fezziwig", an honorific reserved only for the eldest unmarried daughter.

Christmas went well. Rick liked his new cordless drill. I got two copies of Moulin Rouge (yay!) which we watched one of on Christmas morning on the new DVD player I got for my mom. My Christmas present from Rick proves that he does listen to me at least some of the time. He got me an event rather than a thing. We're headed to San Francisco for a chance to see Teatro Zinzanni! I can't wait. I've been dying to see them for at least a year now.

All in all, it's been a good week. Hectic as all get out, but good. And I'm nearly ready to take on January. I just really wish I had this week off to recover. I really need a break, and I know I'm not going to get a real one until this week next year.


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