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Monday, December 03, 2001

I'm probably not going to the Plough this week because I'm convinced I need more sleep. I can tell when I'm over tired when I sleep through my alarm for multiple minutes. I slept through it for forty minutes on Sunday morning, and had the weirdest dreams about the Indian film industry. My friend Naomi had gotten into making Indian (as in Baliwood) musicals, and she was making them at UC Berkeley. I went to a discussion she was supposed to be leading about them on campus at Dwinelle Hall. It turned out instead that it was actually filming a movie. We got bored and left between scenes. It was all really weird. When I finally realized it was REALLY REALLY weird that Naomi would be making Indian films, rather than just odd that it was filming rather than a discussion, I finally woke up. Of course, by then it was 8:11. I needed to be at the Cow Palace, in costume at 9:30, and it's an hour drive. And getting into a corset, hoops, and full Dickens costume in less than 20 minutes is impossible. Ah well. Late this time. Better luck next time.


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