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Monday, December 10, 2001

I've officially reached the point of extreme tiredness. I did something I've never done before this weekend as a result. I was sitting having some lunch and reading a book at a table at Dickens Fair on Sunday. Somehow I managed to slump over and fall asleep for something on the order of forty minutes. This was of course, in a corset, in an exceptionally noisy public place, with bells being occasionally rung around me whenever a customer gave a tip. How I managed to fall asleep in this environment and stay asleep for a good long time after drinking several caffeinated beverages to avoid such behavior is utterly beyond me. When I did finally wake up, I sat up with a start, apologized to the people across the table from me (who weren't the same people as the ones that were there when I'd fallen asleep), and wiped the drool off of my sleeve. The woman across the table said, "Oh I love your outfit by the way." "Uh, thanks," says I in my least Victorian accent. A quick check of my watch said I had 15 minutes to be back for my next shift. Good timing I suppose. Still, I think I should stay home rather than going to dance in Berkeley tonight. Yeesh.


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