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Thursday, December 13, 2001

The late night did end up meaning that the database worked sufficiently yesterday. Thankfully, this group of folks from H&S was much brighter and caught on quickly to the material. Still, I was exceptionally careful not to say anything funny that might be misconstrued later. I also avoided doing any puzzles or games. Some of the students complained to my boss that I needed to lighten up. She explained that with the last H&S group they had complained that there was too much joking around and so I had specifically curtailed this as a result. They were disappointed but understood. Whew. Hopefully they won't be going back and complaining at the levels that the last group did. It was really tricky not to let any of my sense of humor into the room. I slipped up more in the afternoon than I did in the morning. The upside was that everyone laughed when I did, so hopefully they weren't secretly offended. Sigh. I found myself rethinking everything I said trying to see if I sounded arrogant, or condescending, or offensive. I just don't want to be smacked down again. Not when I'm working as hard as I am. Working this hard is easy if you feel like your contributions are being appreciated. When I'm told I'm doing a bad job, and I'm working this hard, my spirit just can't take it.

Unfortunately, the late late night took it's toll on my immune system and I've been fighting a sinus thing for the past two days. Luckily it's mild enough that taking some Sudafed is allowing me to sleep comfortably and function adequately during the day. The only noticeable effect is on my voice and throat. No calling the dances this weekend for me!


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