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Sunday, December 30, 2001

So all week, the Fezziwig's cast mailing list has been active with everyone's thanks and how much they're going to miss it. I wasn't feeling it until yesterday morning. Don't get me wrong. I loved lounging in bed with Tigger tucked under my arm at 10am. It was great. But all day long I felt like I should be dancing, and well, you know, most of the world just doesn't revolve around dance like that. If I'd jumped up and asked the other customer waiting at Saturn to dance with me while we waited for our cars, I'm quite certain he would've thought me a lunatic. Somehow I don't think he felt inspired by the song used in the movie on tv quite the same way I did. I wandered through my day feeling like I really needed to be dancing, and dancing a lot. I felt so slothful. Sigh. Today I'm feeling the same way. Oh well. Morris season will start shortly, and I'll find someplace to dance on New Year's Eve, but it's just not the same. I miss my sisters and Mr. Scrooge. I guess this is how lifelong participation in fairs begins. Batter me up and fry me crispy. I'm hooked for life.


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