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Monday, December 03, 2001

So I was thinking this weekend about George Harrison's death. It doesn't affect me much because I was never a Beatles fan, but I was trying to think of something equivalent for my generation. Even for folks who weren't big fans of the Beatles, for those that grew up with them - as in, those that were in junior high, high school, or college when the Beatles first became popular - it must be quite a shock. George didn't die from sex, drugs, and rock and roll at a young age per se. He died of cancer, something that could attack and kill anyone in their mid fifties.

The rough equivalent for someone in my generation would be to see Madonna die of something like breast cancer at age 53 (which is only ten years from now for her!). Or if she died from Alzheimer's Disease at 63. If something like that happened, I would suddenly feel a whole lot older myself. I'm guessing that is just one of the emotions the average 45-65 year old is feeling this week.


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