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Monday, December 17, 2001

Somehow, even though there's another week of insane schedules and wacky hijinks facing me, I somehow feel like I've made it over the hump. One week until Christmas. Dickens Fair has one weekend to go. I have one more week of teaching multiple classes. I have managed to get some Christmas shopping done and I expect that I will have at least one evening this week available to do the rest of the critical shopping (grandparents, mom, aunt, and cousins). The training database is still messed up, but I'm getting used to tap dancing around that so it isn't bothering me as much. The real production database goes live to payroll and benefits on Thursday. Still, none of it seems to be weighing on me at the same level. I guess it's just that come Christmas morning (barely a week from now!), I know I'm going to get to sleep in and relax for a moment. There's a big mental "WHEW!" for having survived all of this so far. I knew that December was going to be completely insane. I knew I was overbooked. I knew it was too much. But I only had one tiny moment of overwhelming collapse, and I still managed to meet all of my responsibilities in the end. Allow me just to add a giant thank you to Rick for putting me to bed multiple nights when I fell asleep on the sofa, and for having a hot dinner and a hot foot soak for me most Sundays when I came home from fair, and for generally putting up with me when I haven't had any time for him. He's a sweetie. Although he doesn't understand why I feel driven to work and play this hard, he tolerates it nobly. As for me, I feel younger than I've felt in ages. I thought sure that my body or soul would utterly give out at some point this month, but I've reminded myself just how resilient my body is and how well I can manage my time. The only thing I'm really really far behind on is email, and that happens from time to time under normal time constraints.


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