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Thursday, January 24, 2002

I'm feeling really depressed about my job today. I was notified this afternoon that I have an interview scheduled tomorrow morning to see if I get to keep doing what I'm doing. In the meantime I'm answering a shitload of help tickets by myself (again, I'm the last member of my team to leave. Everyone else left either before 5 or shortly thereafter). And the users are becoming abusive. I just got an email back from someone telling me that he was furious and didn't know how we could be so stupid as to not check these things. He's angry because in our conversion, we didn't overwrite his student address information with his employee address information. If he would just update it on StanfordYou, it would get fixed in PeopleSoft 15 minutes later. But, he'd rather be furious, so now I'm asking him for his address info so that I can update it for him when what I really want to do is say "Fuck off you lazy whiney son of a bitch. Get over it!" Of course, this may also be my grumbly tummy speaking. It's 7:30. I'm hungry. I'm missing my dance class. And I've got to go home and figure out what the hell I can wear to a job interview tomorrow. I don't want to do this. I also found out that the person they hired as the manager for the position I'm looking at is someone who used to have my same job that I have now, only for the Axess team. She has no management experience. I don't want to work for a novice again.

Yes, I'm whining.

It also doesn't help that Wynn told me yesterday that the Campus Readiness Team for Persona is being perceived by those outside the project as a failure. I've been busting my ass for four months straight, and the campus perceives us as a failure. Great. What a difference a week makes. From the highest career high I've ever felt to the depths of despair in one week flat. What goes up must come down I s'pose.


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