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Saturday, January 12, 2002

Kevin and I went to dinner after work last night at Chevy's. I managed to triage the tickets by 7:30 and foist the completion of those tickets onto other unsuspecting coworkers. Woohoo! So off to dinner at Chevy's where it took me all of the hour of dinner to gear down out of fast forward mode. Just as we were leaving the restaurant, I turned around and noticed a friend/former friend sitting alone at a table against the wall. Last year, after a very weird email exchange, Tox made it quite clear that he thought I wasn't worth knowing and that he wanted nothing to do with me. Tox and I hadn't ever been close, but we'd always been part of the same circles, and though we didn't have that much in common, I always made an effort to invite him to things and to keep in touch. Per Kevin's recent post about Urban Tribes, it can be best said that Tox was a part of the tribe. When he and Rick talked about all of this (he and Rick had been quite close ten years ago or so), he said he just didn't feel I was a worthwhile person. Ever since then whenever I see him somewhere, which is relatively frequently, I'm always at a loss for how to interact. Do I treat him like a friend, knowing he doesn't want to have anythign to do with me? Do I treat him like other people treat their ex-es? I've never been any good at that. I'm still friends with my seventh grade boyfriend, and some of my ex-boyfriends are my best friends (like Fred). Anyway, I was already in motion, so while my brain was working on the problem, my legs just kept walking. That solved it for this round. Don't acknowledge. Don't say hi. But leave feeling just a little bit weird. Mergle. Kicking Kevin's ass at Air Hockey several times (mostly 7-4) and injuring him twice with the puck managed to put it mostly out of mind. Poor Kevin. He called to report that yes, his pinky finger is swollen this morning. SORRY KEVIN! Note to the world: when playing air hockey, never hit a puck that isn't firmly grounded on the table. It's just bad.


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