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Thursday, January 31, 2002

This message is to inform you that you have not been offered a position in the AS support or PeopleSoft projects organization.

Yep. I'm officially on the layoff list. Glad I took my day of sick leave. God knows I don't get paid for sick leave if I get laid off. Sad now that I've worked so hard. Hardly seems worth it. I'm definitely going to Morris practice tonight. I had planned to stay if needed to help catch up after being off yesterday. Now that ain't gonna happen. I'm taking my life back by force. If they don't want me, I'm not busting my ass for them.

I bet this isn't the reaction they were hoping for, but it's what they get with the way this process has been handled.

At least I found out before I had the meeting with the Delphi team. I just wish it wasn't 15 minutes before. I need to have a good cry, and there just isn't time.


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