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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Currently, I'm enjoying the feeling of balance returning to my life. The HelpSU request volume has thinned a bit so that I can almost single-handedly answer the tickets myself during a normal 8 hour workday. It leaves little time for anything else at work (like writing this!) but I've gotten home in time to make a nice dinner for the past five weeknights running. Of course, things aren't totally balanced and mellow yet. It just occurred to me today at lunch that this is a 3 day weekend. And I have NO plans. Maybe Rick and I will be able to make a day trip up to Quintette to see the snow or something. Too bad the stupid knee is still aching so darned much. I officially let Jocelyn know that I won't be back to Goat Hill this year. Hopefully the leg heals and I can keep doing other types of dancing.

I've just realized that I've forgotten everything I was going to write about today. I hate that. Oh well. Time to go home, obviously.


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