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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

The funny thing about a blog is how time sensitive it is. It seems like if I don't write it down within say, 48 hours of the occurance, then it no longer seems like this is the correct place to write it.

Last night I found myself really really sick suddenly. I woke up Tuesday morning with a productive cough. By 6pm as I was leaving work, I was feeling way funky. I came home and immediately hopped through the shower, which turned out to be a great choice. I came downstairs to grab dinner, but the only thing that sounded remotely good was my leftover broccoli soup (chicken broth, rice noodles, and broccoli - simple, quick, and goes great with Trader Joe's pot stickers). I heated that up, but only ate about half of it before deciding it was time for bed. I gave Tigger her meds, and hit the hay. I was so cold and shivery. I spent the next 3 hours dozing, and eventually getting really really hot. By 11:30, Rick had come to bed, and I was a sweaty mess. Change of clothes, and temperature at 100 degrees, I crawled back into bed. But by then, Rick was snoring. Harumph. And the bed seemed way too squishy. I headed downstairs to the sofa, but quickly abandoned the sofa (too squishy) for the floor (just right) and finally fell asleep there. Tigger woke me up about 7:55, just in time for her meds. Weird little cat. So I medicated her, checked my temp (down to 98.0 degrees), shrugged and headed off to work. Now my cough is still hanging on, but I guess it was just the fastest flu in history.

This was a great capper to a lousy day. They had interviews for Delphi yesterday. I conspicuously didn't have one. Then I went to a presentation for all the layoff candidates by Resources Connection. I was thinking they were a placement firm. Nope, they're a consulting group that takes experienced technical, functional, and project management staff. None of these fit my job description, but I politely sat through their presentation anyway. It ran long. I missed both the going away party for those that are being laid off March 1st, and my last free massage. Then I went back to work, started beating my head against a stupid problem, which I finally manage to figure out with Javier. Once it was all said and done, I mentioned that this was some sort of bizarre torture. So says I, "At least you have a job after all is said and done." He says, "Yeah, but maybe I don't want it." It didn't occur to me until I was driving home what the difference was. He gets to choose. He gets to choose whether or not he wants it, and he gets to do it on his timeline. Me, I'm out on the streets come June 30th. And suddenly it all really got to me again.

Anyway, chalk yesterday up in the "days that suck" pile. It goes right next to the day I hurt my knee (which does seem to be healing, slowly) and got my layoff notice. Blarg.


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