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Monday, February 11, 2002

I'm still waiting for my durned leg to heal. Seems like this is more than just the little ache I was hoping for. Bummer. Meanwhile, the party went quite well this weekend. We ended up with about 15 folks, and very few of the usual suspects. Bates and Dawn spent the night after the party and Cy and Athena called the next morning offering to make breakfast. We made waffles and eggs with sausage and onions and cheese and coffee and generally had a really great American farm breakfast. Once everyone headed out around 3:30, Rick and I let lethargy take over. I caught up on a bit of what Tivo had recorded for me, including finally watching The Land Girls and Patch Adams, neither of which is particularly great films, but make for good mindless Sunday entertainment. I justified my utter laziness with the thought that it would be good for my knee. Unfortunately, it didn't manage to miraculously heal it, so I'm going to stay home from the Plough tonight and try again. One thing is certain though, I'm going to have to give up on Morris. It's just too hard on my body.


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