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Monday, February 04, 2002

So I felt much better all around on Saturday night after dinner and a movie with Tom & Kim. We went to see Amelie because they hadn't seen it and I really wanted to see it again. It's such a great little film. And Amelie was wearing my shoes. I noticed it early on and then kept marveling at it throughout the film.

Another odd thing I noticed was that of the three films I've seen in the last two weeks, two of the same actors were consistently present. The chap who plays Nino in Amelie, also played Alexei in Birthday Girl. The other bad guy in Birthday Girl is also the bad guy in The Brotherhood of the Wolf. Anyway, my cinematic experiences for the last couple of weeks have been both overwhelmingly influenced by the French, and particularly by these two actors. I find them both impressive, although Mathieu Kassovitz really amazes me in how he can be so meek and retiring in Amelie and so extroverted in Birthday Girl. I really didn't recognize him when I saw Birthday Girl. It wasn't until I saw Amelie again that Rick pointed it out. I still had my doubts even at the end of the film.

Sunday was spent with Cy and Athena in a perfect sort of Sunday way. Cy and Athena celebrated their four year anniversary Saturday night, and they seem as happier than ever together. We went to a late breakfast at the Original Pancake House and stuffed ourselves senseless, then skittered across the street to Wolf Camera for a look at the digital cameras we've been considering. At breakfast, Athena had mentioned what great deals they had gotten at JCPenney the day before. Cy bought a bunch of pants for $7 each on clearance. So we headed over to Vallco and rummaged through the racks and found Rick some new clothes, then wandered the rest of the mall, then on our way back through Penney's to the car, we stopped by the petites section for Athena and I. There I found 3 cute little plaid skirts that fit very nicely, plus a couple of other work skirts. Five skirts for $46. Very nice. I'm wearing one of my new ones today. Nothing like some retail therapy to cheer me up.

Unfortunately, back at work today, I'm still feeling very beat down. The problems that we're having keep hanging out there with now resolution in sight. The new problems are either more of the same, or caused by users who just don't get it no matter how many times we try to explain it. Then there's the whole layoff thing hanging over my head. I need a vacation in the worst way, but there's no hope of that any time soon. Probably not until this time next year. As much as French cinema has permeated my life for the past couple weeks, that's as close as I'll get to France this year. And boy do I miss it. I wish I could just jump a plane tomorrow and go veg out at a cafe in the Latin Quarter. It just isn't going to happen though.

I'm hoping to go to the Plough tonight, but my knee gave me such fits walking the mall yesterday that I'm pretty sure I shouldn't dance tonight. Still, I could really use a few hugs from my friends.


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