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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Do you ever get zits on the inside of your nose? Well I do, and it seems to be the invariable result of getting sick for me. Just when I start feeling better, the intrepid inner nose zit sneaks up and makes me want to chop my nose off again. Okay okay, TMI, but really, I can't even itch my nose right now. It's bizarre.

Meanwhile, Kevin came over for dinner and Buffy last night. It was fun. I baked chocolate chip cookies. Tigger took the opportunity to spend the night curled up next to him. He being somone who is not evil and does not keep trying to force feed her pills, she was in little kitty heaven.

Today Fred has an interview here at Stanford. I'm kind of hoping he gets the job, and I find a job, and then it'll be really great to have Fred around more often. Plus, it'll be way easy to talk him into Watercourse after work. Hee hee!


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