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Monday, March 11, 2002

I spent the last hour finally getting around to applying for anything and everything on the Stanford jobs website that looked remotely interesting. There wasn't much. There was a Help Desk Lead position that looks interesting, but Jo-Ann is also interested in that, and she's hoping to jump from longterm support of PeopleSoft to this job and then "they'd have to take you on for the AS job!" Only I just can't get remotely excited about that. It's so blazingly clear that Jennifer doesn't want me on her team. I don't want to work for someone who has to take me on grudgingly. It's just a set up for failure.

Meanwhile, Seattle is looking awful tempting. I found a bunch of good job listings at University of Washington and a couple at Microsoft. Could I be more satisfied working for the evil empire than Stanford University? That I'm even really considering it tells me how bad work is making me feel right now.

On Sunday morning we went to see a gorgeous house in Ravenna. Dirk and Tracey have blessed us as their lucky charms. It's perfect. It's just about everything they wanted in a house. It's exactly the right area. It's a cute house in a cute older neighborhood. It's got guest quarters in the basement. It's just such a charming place. They ended up making an offer last night after dropping us at the airport. I really hope they get it.


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