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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Okay, life is a bit ironic today. Jennifer, the woman who stated that the reason she didn't want to hire me was that I wasn't a "team player" left me a voicemail this morning stating that she wanted me to come over to work with her team (Jo-Ann and Sarah) and coach them on answering HelpSU tickets. One half of me was screaming (internally), "Oh, I'm sorry Jennifer, I can't do that because I'm just not a team player." The other half was wanting to prove her wrong. In the middle is my very sick soul, aching. Val says, "Well, the knowledge transfer has to happen." Oh really? Then why did they hire Jo-Ann from our team? She's supposed to know all about doing the help desk. Heck, she was the "Help Desk Lead" for our team. Whatever.

I'm feeling rather bitter about all this today. Rather bitter indeed. But, yes, I did call back and I am going over there tomorrow. Because the reality of it is, I am a team player. And I don't want my users to be stuck with helpless help. Sigh.


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