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Saturday, March 09, 2002

Well I'm in Seattle this weekend visiting Dirk and Tracey and Camryn. Camryn is walkign and talking and has teeth. She's still the cutest little elf that ever graced the planet. She's amazingly well tempered. And boy is she her father's daughter. His eyes (which are just stunning on her!), his chin, his smile. Too cute. We're on our way out to adventure around downtown for a while. Weeeeee!

Meanwhile, I had a demonstration this week of the new applicant tracking system. After figuring out how it was supposed to work, realizing that it didn't work, and figuring out a way to fake it using screen shots, the demonstration went really well. Everyone I interacted with congratulated me on how well it went. The best part was at the end. The users were accepting the change, and the reason became abundantly clear when I asked them to please let us know about any problems their having by sending HelpSU requests. Several of the users who were most hostile about the change originally piped up and said that we had been really great about getting back to them quickly with the right answers. They thanked me for being there so many hours. It was just like a teaching high. I've fallen in love with my users the same way I did with my students. And I'm really going to miss them when I go.


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