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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

For the past few weekends, I've woken with a craving for a stuffed crepe, like the crepes at Crepevine on Irving in San Francisco, or Crepe de Vine in Berkeley. And although the South Bay has it's own breakfast favorites (Hobee's and The Original Pancake House are standouts), neither of these two favorites seemed just right. I really wanted a stuffed crepe. And coffee, really good coffee.

Rick and I cozied up to the computer in the office and started searching. Citysearch produced several recommendations, and I have a faint memory of a stuffed crepe place in Los Gatos somewhere. All of this added up to our new mission for the next few months. We will find a new great breakfast place in the South Bay, or eat a lot of mediocre food trying.

Our first stop was the Flames coffee shop. Dubious based on decor alone, we settled in for breakfast. The menu didn't have any crepes, let alone stuffed crepes served with roasted rosemary red potatoes and green salad. Instead, it was pretty standard fair. Rick settled for a country breakfast with biscuits and gravy. I had Huevos Mexicanos, roughly akin to a Mexican scramble. It was topped with American cheese. Sadly, our first attempt was inauspicious, save for our lovely waitress. She was just the kind of waitress I always hope for. She was personable and fun and never let my coffee cup run dry. She was fast and nimble and yet never made you feel rushed. She was great. And she had an Etch-a-Sketch pen. She got a good tip, but we won't be back to the Flames any time soon.

But our resolve is not daunted! On to more breakfast places! We will conquer! Or we'll get fat trying!


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