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Monday, April 29, 2002

The Great Breakfast Mission continued this weekend with a trip to Mil's Diner in Milpitas. This place came highly recommended from Rachel, so after missing an opportunity on Saturday (we were in Milpitas, but fussing with Sherman's computer took until later than expected, and they were closed when we stopped by), we headed back out to Milpitas on Sunday.

The menu is your standard American breakfast at the diner kind of menu. This was clearly not going to be the substitute for Crepevine, but it was good American breakfast. My Country Fried Steak more closely resembled a schnitzel than what I think of as Country Fried Steak. Everything was good, but nothing spectacular. I couldn't help thinking that it didn't really have much to distiguish itself from the Denny's across the street other than lacking the Moons Over My Hammie which I sadly must admit I rather enjoy on occasion. It was a clean place, with a friendly wait staff. We arrived about 2 though, and by 2:40 they were clearly hurrying us out the door. I got my second cup of coffee at 2:30 and they poured out the rest at 2:40 and handed us our check. I guess, like Au Coquelait in Berkeley, closing time means time for the customers to leave rather than time to stop letting more customers in, a difference in perspective that I rather sincerely enjoy at Hobees.

So the mission continues...


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