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Saturday, April 13, 2002

The new Time Machine movie finally made it to the cheap theaters, so I finally was willing to pay the asking price to see what I had been told was utter crap. And yes, it was pretty much utter crap, but I must admit that my expectations were so low, that I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I expected worse. And it gave me exactly what I watch the various Time Machine movies for. I don't go to these movies to see a moving story told in an exciting way. Heck no. I go to see what the current thinking is on what our downfall will be. Every time, the film makers feel compelled to look 20-40 years into our future, and decide where it all went wrong and why. This is what truly fascinates me about these films.

In the 1960 version, it was in the heart of the cold war, and we were convinced that modern civilization will be wiped out by nuclear anhilation. There is also 1978 made for TV version that I can't remember clearly enough to say what the reason why was.
In this most recent version, civilization is wiped out by rapid technological advancement that goes unchecked and eventually causes the explosion of the moon.

I really think I'd like to write an essay on this subject at some point. It's such an interesting window on the world to have a snap shot of several moments in the last hundred years that shows us what we feared most, and what we thought would be man's ultimate downfall. The bad part of that is that I'd have to watch several utterly excruciating films, probably more than once. People complain about how bad this most recent version is, but it's got nothing on the 1978 version. Peeeee-yew!

Anyway, thanks to all my friends who warned me about this movie. My expectations were lowered to the point that I actually enjoyed it a bit, if only from the sociological perspective. Well, okay, and Mara's net shirt was pretty hot too.


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