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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Okay, remember the Netscape Navigator/site license issue I mentioned yesterday? For those who don't recall, when I first arrived at Stanford, I was told that Netscape Navigator was the browser of choice. Several issues with that came up where it became clear that this was a decision made long ago, and by god they were sticking to it. I asked someone at one point why Stanford was so married to Netscape.

Nameless IT person: Well, because we have a site license.
Me: But web browsers are free.
Nameless IT person: But we have a site license.
Me: But both browsers, Netscape and IE, are free.
Nameless IT person: But we have a site license for Netscape.
Me: Oh.

So now the funny part is that Oracle 11i, which is what we're implementing on my new project, only works on Internet Explorer. So everyone in the university who uses Oracle will need to switch to IE. Ha ha ha ha ha!

It was all really amusing to me until I was at a meeting today at the School of Engineering, and someone there who I'd previously assumed was fairly with it said, "But don't worry about going out and buying the latest version of Internet Explorer right now..."



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