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Tuesday, April 02, 2002

So I ran away to the woods this weekend. Specifically, my grandparents cabin in Quintette. It's hard to envision on this map, but my grandparents place is on Twelve Mile Road between Point Lane and Twelve Mile Court. Quintette is twelve miles up the road from Georgetown. The cabin is a cabin in the sense that it's kind of rustic, definitely out in the woods, but it also has hot and cold running water, a full kitchen (inlcluding a microwave), and a tv and VCR. What it lacks is a phone. And there's no cel service or pager service up there. So the world could go to hell, and we wouldn't know until we drove down. Very pleasant indeed. We spent the first evening lounging in front of the fire, watching Chocolat on DVD. Woke up the next morning and made French Toast for breakfast. My grandparents arrived around 11:30 while I was making breakfast. My mom arrived a couple of hours later. Around 3:00, we drove up to Stumpy Meadows and hiked around part of the lake on a somewhat overgrown trail. There was some left over snow lurking back there, so a snowball fight ensued. Snowball fights are even more fun when it's 70 degrees outside and you're hot from hiking. Saturday evening was spent eating canneloni and eggplant parmesan, playing cards, and watching Pride and Prejudice on DVD. Sunday morning we woke up slowly, lounged around playing with the computer a bit, and hiked down to the little lake. We followed my mom down the mountain on Sunday evening because she's been having a bit of car trouble. We closed our relaxing weekend in the woods with a trip to the Tower Theater to see "Kissing Jessica Stein", which was quite funny, but lacked a strong conclusion. Sacramento was warm, probably 75 degrees at night, so we walked over to Tower video after the movie and browsed a bit before midnight. Monday we ran a few Sacto errands and had lunch with Liz Hanelt. It was great to catch up with her a bit. Finally, we headed home to pick Tiggs up from the kennel. She was happy to be out of there. I didn't realize until this weekend how stressful it's been taking care of her lately. At night, I've always got one ear perked listening for her. It was nice to let someone else worry about her for the weekend. After settling back in at home a bit, I headed up to the Plough for dancing and had a really great time.

Back to the office today, I'm feeling much better. More relaxed, more able to deal with the vagaries of what will and won't get done before I leave. And somehow just having tromped through the woods makes me feel a lot better about the whole world. I've got to plan time to take a few friends up there in the near future.


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