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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Well, I started my new job on Delphi yesterday. So far, I'm not feeling too confident about the positive nature of the change. My workspace is painfully small. There are three people crammed into one cubicle, and yet the filing cabinet and storage closet also in the cube seem to belong to the receptionist. She has already gotten huffy with me about it for questioning what was in the filing cabinet. Pay no mind that there's a whole storage room. sigh. Apparently, it's more important for her to store old notepads and dead phones in there than it is for me to have any storage space. Whatever. Oh, and the coat hanger in my cube also seems to be for the receptionist, or at least she thinks so. Also sharing the cube with the 3 of us is an old scanning station that takes up about 5 square feet of desktop space. The scanner looks to be about six years old. It's hyooooge! Apparently, everyone knows that this scanner is old and no one uses it. So, it's still here because....? Well, because it's the scanning station. Having learned from the Netscape Navigator/site license argument that I was not going to get logic out of anyone on this, I'm just going to use the scanner as a place for plants and see if anyone asks me to move them over the course of the next year. The other odd thing about my new space is that I have to walk through another person's cube to get to my cube. I always feel a bit like Lazlo.

Add to this a lack of confidence in the grasp my new supervisor on the needs of the Stanford community, and I'm a bit nervous. There's a ton of work to be done, and I needed to get started on it 2 months ago if it was going to be done on time, but I just arrived yesterday, so I just hope everyone else has some grasp on reality about how much of it isn't going to get done.

The final indignity is that they've already taken away my access to PeopleSoft, so when Jo-Ann has questions for me, I have to ask her to look here and there and everywhere and have her tell me what she sees because I can no longer see it. It all makes me sad.

But, the upside is that my new space is now cheerfully decorated with the going away presents from the Persona team, and I look out onto the Amy Blue Courtyard, complete with a pond. It's lovely. Hopefully I can settle in enough to be comfortable. But in the first few moments, it's a bit of a comedown after the lovely space in Bakewell and the team that I was so close to. Here's hoping for the future though.


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