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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Okay, so weird thing of the day:

I came in this morning to find a black blob on a piece of paper that looked something like a rodent poop. All around it were brown greasy marks, like the poop had been rolled around. Ew.

So I brought this to the attention of the admin, who immediately freaked out, but brought the evidence to the building manager.The building manager called pest control, and the most cheerful pest control guy ever showed up here a few minutes ago. After a thorough inspection of the evidence, he determined that this was not rodent turd. Instead, it was dead earthworm, and the brown greasy marks were from the earthworm flopping around before it died. This did not in any way assuage the Ew factor of the thing.

This leaves a bounty of questions. How did an earthworm crawl up to my desk and die leads the list. What I do notice though is that the worm seems to have crawled through my little zen rock garden on his journey, kicking out a little sand where he exited.

So, yeah, a life and death struggle occurred on my desk last night. Death won. Ew.


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