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Friday, May 10, 2002

On Wednesday night, I went to see Aspects of Love with Fred at the Lucie Stern Theater. It's an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Watching it on Friday, I kept thinking that there was going to be some great catharsis, some great thing tying it all together. But then the play ended, and there never was. To summarize the plot myself would take too much time, so I'll just point you to someone else's adequate summary. It was just such a weird show. I guess it's bugging me just because there was no catharsis, but I just find myself wishing I could ask Mr. Webber, "Why did you tell me this story?" There was a bunch of other unanswered questions. Topping the list is "Is Jenny Alex's daughter?" And if so, ewwww!

So, perhaps the best part of the show, was meeting Fred's friend Sara Betts, who played Giulietta. She sang us her parody of the show's major love song (which normally says "Love, love changes everything...") Her parody was, "I, I kiss everyone, men and women, children too..." Still, even as someone who counts myself poly, I found myself utterly confounded by the relationships in this show. Heck, others have offered a relationship flowchart to try to explain it all. But perhaps played a little differently, or with a little more explanation, maybe it was just a tale about polyamory in the end. Except for that whole potential incest thing. Hmm. Weird show.


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