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Friday, May 31, 2002

So it's official. I came in early for a meeting this morning and heard the rumors. I quickly checked my email and found that "...we have decided to postpone the Release 4 implementation date for the Delphi project." The new dates will be decided over the course of the next month, but we're definitely not going live on September 1st.

For some, this has been disappointing, but for me, I'm terribly relieved. I've been saying for quite a while now that we were solidly 3 months behind schedule. I was in a meeting Tuesday where I found out that they were only planning to run one test payroll through the system before we took the system live to the campus. If that one test run didn't go well, there was no time to do another. Knowing how long it took us to get everything right for PeopleSoft, and how many more interfaces there were coming in for Oracle, and how many payroll runs we did just to be sure on the PeopleSoft project, I was seriously thinking of starting to look for a new job again. I did not want to be responsible for this pending disaster in any way.

Now that things have been adjusted, and we're taking an extra 2-3 months to get it right, the only thing I hope is that this doesn't leave people feeling like they have more breathing room. We need to keep working at the pace we were going, get everything ready for September, and spend that extra time working on the kinks in the system. I just hope that's how everyone else views it, but that's not the feeling I get from everyone here today. There's more of a feeling that the pressure is off. Really, it's increased. Given the extra time, we're expected to deliver something better than marginally functional.

Here's hoping for the best.


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