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Thursday, May 02, 2002

Yesterday was a lovely Beltane, the only downside of which was that by the end of the day, I far too tired to actually write about it. I started the morning with a 4am wake-up call. Dragging myself from bed at such an unnatural hour was mitigated by promising myself I would find coffee before heading out to the Palo Alto Baylands. I stopped in at Krispy Kreme and grabbed 2 dozen donuts and one large cup o' java, then headed for the flats. Out on the bayflats, the only light was from car headlights and the ambiant light of the entire city. There were no street lamps and everything had just a dim glow of pre-dawn. I parked and walked over. Shortly after walking up, the Abbot's Bromley moved forward. Shadows of men with deer horns made their way around the space. This was followed by lots of exuberant Morris dancing from several local teams, including Deer Creek, Mad Molly, Mayfield, and the newest addition (and the one that got me up at 4am when saner souls were sleeping) Faultline. Faultline is Bill Batty and Emily Gladstone's newly formed team. They looked great, and I definitely felt a pull to try out dancing with them next year. Dancing concluded around 7am, and we headed out for the post-dance feast. Ric Goldman kindly hosted the dancers from all the various teams. Cynthia, Bill, Emily and I surrounded Alexander, now 3 months old, and cooed over him and talked about life. Cynthia, like most new mothers, decided to cut her hair, and her new bob looks charming. Sitting around thawing out after the morning's revels, I mused, "You know what sounds really good right now - tubbing." Cynthia heartily agreed. We'd both been on the sidelines instead of dancing and I think we were well more frozen as a result. So we called Watercourse, and believe it or not, they actually open at 8:30am! By 9:20, now pleasantly full of waffles and other breakfast treats, we found ourselves soaking in the newly renovated Room 8. By 10:30, I was ready to face the office feeling every bit the very northern California girl that I am.


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