Almost there...

Friday, June 28, 2002

So I cheered when they announced that the Pledge in it's current form is unconstitutional. I've felt uncomfortable about it for years, especially about the "under God" that Ike added in the 50's. I was proud that someone had the guts to take it to court and fight it up the chain. I was proud that a federal judge agreed that this is not a reasonable pledge to compel school children and others to say.

Then my friend Lisa wrote to the mailing list wondering about how it was going to get worse before it got better. At that moment, I didn't understand what she meant.

Then I heard what Bush said. To quote the NY Times:
"Bush said the United States needs ``commonsense judges who understand that our rights were derived from God,'' and that he would appoint such judges."

She's right. It's going to get worse. Would some please please please muzzle the president? What an ass.

Going to the mountains this weekend. We're dragging Cy & Athena up to the cabin with us for some hiking and floating on the lake. Should be fun. Sadly, Tiggs doesn't get to go. She can't be trusted in the car anymore. But we got her a new litter pan this week. Her old Littermaid was wearing out and couldn't get the clumps into the bucket. Too often in recent history we came home to a gummed up litter box that's far worse than just scooping a normal litter pan. We tried buying a new Littermaid, but apparently they don't make 'em like they used to. Of the four days we let the new one run, it gummed up all four days. Definitely not worth the money. So back it went. Now we're using a much simpler system. The new box is a sifter and two trays. Lift the sifter out with all the clumps, toss those in a bag. Put the sifter in the empty tray. Pour the litter from the other tray into the empty tray. Repeat. It's working so far, and all for a tenth of the price of a new Littermaid. Tiggs seems happier and hasn't felt compelled to pee in the floor since we got it, so that's good news. Her little body is just giving out on her though. She's thin and frail and wobbly. If we don't get the diabetes under control soon, there's going to be nothing left of her. But at 6 units of insulin twice a day, she's not responding. We're trying another medication now, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. She's off to the vet again this weekend for boarding. Hopefully it won't be too traumatic. She always seems to lose weight while she's there. Poor little girl.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002


In the pond outside my office window, there's a mama duck and nine little ducklings. They're so amazingly cute and fluffy. This is just one of the little reasons I like working at Stanford.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

So we did end up seeing the Bourne Identity last night. Good edge of your seat flick. Makes me want to visit Paris again soon. Hopefully late September, depending on what our new project deadline is. It's starting to be problematic that we don't know when we're going live. Some folks are sticking to old dates because they've been told to do certain things on certain dates and haven't been told to do anything differently. Others are using the time to be more thorough in testing and documentation. Others are trying to figure out how we will be working with others, and are kind of stuck in a vacuum. The consequence of the various different perspectives is that eventually (within the next two weeks in fact), these varied world views are going to start messing each other up. We need new dates soon so that we can work backwards and plan towards them.

As for me, right now I'm in a serious Indian food coma state. Marlene and I went to lunch and I ate too much. Now I just really want to curl up and take a nap.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Well, after a very prolific Monday last week, it's been a week since I posted, as I was reminded by Jennifer at the Plough last night. :-) Dancing was, as usual, loads of fun. But I haven't had a chance to post for a while because I haven't been at my desk. I've been in the computer lab with the LD team comparing conversion data between PeopleSoft, the registry, and Oracle. It's slow going. And I miss my desk! I miss my coffee pot, and my plants, and the tree out my window, and my little zen rock garden, and my email and IM, and listening to music while I work. Ah well, I'll be back here soon enough.

This weekend I went to the San Francisco Free Folk Festival. I took classes in Square Dancing, Rapper Sword dance, Double Hop Polka, and a little swing and French Country dance. Tons of fun. Oh sure, I nearly got a black eye in the rapper class (other dancer's hand vs. my glasses), but fun still.

But in the meantime, over a week ago, we had another venture into the Great Breakfast Mission. Cy and Athena called wanting to hunt breakfast. After some deliberation, we settled on Mimi's Cafe in Saratoga. This is a fairly new chain (less than 10 years old) that seems to fill the same basic niche as say Marie Calendars or something like, but it has a very Disney look and feel. It's a pseudo-French bistro setting. There's a lot of attention to detail in the look of the building and its interiors. The meals were a bit bland though. The coffee was so weak that I actually sent it back in favor of a cappucino, which still wasn't quite up to snuff. Every breakfast comes with a warm muffin, but these paled in comparison to Hobee's coffeecake. Rick's ham, cheddar and broccoli omelette was tasty. My omelette was rather bland and a bit oily. It's been long enough that I don't fully remember Cy and Athena's meals specifically, but my overall impression was that it was good enough, but nothing spectacular. I wouldn't be opposed to eating there again, but I also wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others.

So the mission continues. And conversion testing continues, so you likely won't hear much from me. It's odd. Jennifer reminded me that people actually read this thing from time to time. I also got an email from someone asking me about crepes recently. I feel like I'm just writing to keep track of my life, and it always surprises me when others read it.

Tonight: some quality time with Rick. Methinks we'll go see the Bourne Identity...

Monday, June 10, 2002

Woohoo! It's officially not illegal to drive barefoot. Thank god. Another stupid urban legend put out of its misery. Or rather, out of my misery. Too often I've slipped out of my shoes, only to be scolded by Rick. Ha! Now he'll have to smell my feet whenever we go somewhere. Not that my feet stink a lot. But it's the principle. Anyway, my feet are happy now.

I love the web. Again. And I really love Google. Their new catalog feature just rocks. And I stumble across this catalog while browsing. Yay! New tights for me!

This weekend I had 3 major dance events. Friday was Friday Night Waltz. Saturday afternoon was dancing with PEERS at the Ardenwood Celtic Festival. Saturday night was Gaskells. Even though I was waltzing at every event, the three each had very different feels. Friday Night Waltz involves a class, so has a feel of learning. It's also very casual. Dancing in my overalls gives me a very different feeling than dancing in my a ball gown or my Victorian day dress. Ardenwood was outdoors, and I was dancing with customers at the event. This meant that I wasn't dancing for my own joy of it, but trying to make others feel the joy of dance. Also, outdoors in the direct sun, I really felt limited in what I could put into it. Also, being in my Victorian day dress (with my lovely new bonnet!), I immediately feel very different (and found myself unable to speak in my normal Californian accent) and much more proper. Gaskells was where I really let my hair down, while equally being the most dressed up. I could dance with whom I wanted and skip dances I didn't feel like doing. I was treated like a lady, had nothing to work on, and could really just relax and enjoy time with old friends. I thought for sure that after 9 hours of dancing in the previous 24 hours, I'd be bushed at Gaskells, but I flew through polkas with James without a care in the world and waltzed the night away with all my favorite people. Such fun. I had promised myself I'd spend Sunday relaxing and soaking my feet, but in the end I didn't need to.

Interesting news. So basically, scientifically, there are good reasons to have sex while menstruating and to use tampons. Go figure. The religious implications are, um, well, interesting. And it adds yet another line to the list for guys trying to get some. That is, assuming they don't mind the mess.

Monday, June 03, 2002

I so love the web. My mom sent me another email forward today that just screamed urban legend so loud that I'm rather surprised she didn't hear it squawking. It was a thing about rapists posing as unmarked police cars, pulling women over, and you should dial #77 to be connected to the real highway patrol.

Anyway, I promptly looked it up on the Snopes website and on the AFU website. The #77 thing only works in states that have that particular code set up, and there haven't been any documented cases of rapists posing as policemen, although both sites suggest that pulling over in an unpopulated area is always a generally bad idea. Email debunked, I then got sucked in to the AFU FAQ. My favorite section so far is debunking all those science myths like how glass is not really a solid and how bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly and people use only 10% of their brains and so on.

Wanh! Kevin saw my bet on global warming, and raised me a first strike policy. Make the bad man stop!

Gah! Okay, so apparently George Bush is actively trying to piss me off right now. His new climate plan for America suggests that global warming is inevitable, and we should just learn to adapt to it rather than do anything to stop it. Ugh! Ass-hole!!! God damn man! You're supposed to be a leader. LEADER!!! As in, the guy who takes a stand and leads us in the best possible direction. Instead, he's just a Texas oilman looking to continue lining his own pockets. Keep it up Bushie. Keep pissing us off. The clock is ticking, and I'll do whatever it takes to get you out of office next time around.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

The Great Breakfast Mission continues! True, Sweet Peas was a great little place, but I don't want to end the quest just yet! That was too quick.

So this morning we went to the Country Inn Cafe (which was neither near an Inn or had very much country flavor to it in the strip mall) near El Camino and Scott next door to Mervyns. It's funky little place that clearly was decorated once in the late 80s and hasn't changed since. It has a fairly large crowd of regulars apparently since almost everyone seemed to know most of the waitresses or the host/manager personally.

Breakfast was big. Very very big. I had a linguica omelette with onions, tomatoes, cheddar and jack cheese. This also came with hash browns and 2 buttermilk pancakes. Rick had just the biscuits and gravy. The pancakes were fantastic. I almost stopped after eating just that. The omelette was huge, very fluffy, and utterly smothered in cheese. The hash browns were also quite tasty (not too greasy, not soggy, etc.). Rick's biscuits and gravy was the only real disappointment. They were a good attempt, but they didn't quite come together. The gravy was dotted with cracked peppercorns throughout. Rick thought it was a bit much. My bite told me it needed a little more salt to bring the flavors together, and it just generally needed a little something. There was one employee who ran the coffee pot circuit every ten minutes without fail. I never once managed to make it to the bottom of my cup before he refilled me.

The Country Inn also served "Swedish pancakes" which it explains later in the menu is basically a french crepe. They serve them Swedish style with a lignonberry sauce. You can also have them with fresh strawberries or several other optional preparations.

Though this place wasn't the perfect next breakfast place, it was pretty tasty, and you could easily talk me into going there again. Only next time, Rick and I will definitely have to split one item. After Rick finished his biscuits and gravy, I set him to work on my omelette. Even with the both of us eating it, we still couldn't finish it.