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Saturday, June 01, 2002

The Great Breakfast Mission continues! True, Sweet Peas was a great little place, but I don't want to end the quest just yet! That was too quick.

So this morning we went to the Country Inn Cafe (which was neither near an Inn or had very much country flavor to it in the strip mall) near El Camino and Scott next door to Mervyns. It's funky little place that clearly was decorated once in the late 80s and hasn't changed since. It has a fairly large crowd of regulars apparently since almost everyone seemed to know most of the waitresses or the host/manager personally.

Breakfast was big. Very very big. I had a linguica omelette with onions, tomatoes, cheddar and jack cheese. This also came with hash browns and 2 buttermilk pancakes. Rick had just the biscuits and gravy. The pancakes were fantastic. I almost stopped after eating just that. The omelette was huge, very fluffy, and utterly smothered in cheese. The hash browns were also quite tasty (not too greasy, not soggy, etc.). Rick's biscuits and gravy was the only real disappointment. They were a good attempt, but they didn't quite come together. The gravy was dotted with cracked peppercorns throughout. Rick thought it was a bit much. My bite told me it needed a little more salt to bring the flavors together, and it just generally needed a little something. There was one employee who ran the coffee pot circuit every ten minutes without fail. I never once managed to make it to the bottom of my cup before he refilled me.

The Country Inn also served "Swedish pancakes" which it explains later in the menu is basically a french crepe. They serve them Swedish style with a lignonberry sauce. You can also have them with fresh strawberries or several other optional preparations.

Though this place wasn't the perfect next breakfast place, it was pretty tasty, and you could easily talk me into going there again. Only next time, Rick and I will definitely have to split one item. After Rick finished his biscuits and gravy, I set him to work on my omelette. Even with the both of us eating it, we still couldn't finish it.


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