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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

So we did end up seeing the Bourne Identity last night. Good edge of your seat flick. Makes me want to visit Paris again soon. Hopefully late September, depending on what our new project deadline is. It's starting to be problematic that we don't know when we're going live. Some folks are sticking to old dates because they've been told to do certain things on certain dates and haven't been told to do anything differently. Others are using the time to be more thorough in testing and documentation. Others are trying to figure out how we will be working with others, and are kind of stuck in a vacuum. The consequence of the various different perspectives is that eventually (within the next two weeks in fact), these varied world views are going to start messing each other up. We need new dates soon so that we can work backwards and plan towards them.

As for me, right now I'm in a serious Indian food coma state. Marlene and I went to lunch and I ate too much. Now I just really want to curl up and take a nap.


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