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Monday, June 10, 2002

This weekend I had 3 major dance events. Friday was Friday Night Waltz. Saturday afternoon was dancing with PEERS at the Ardenwood Celtic Festival. Saturday night was Gaskells. Even though I was waltzing at every event, the three each had very different feels. Friday Night Waltz involves a class, so has a feel of learning. It's also very casual. Dancing in my overalls gives me a very different feeling than dancing in my a ball gown or my Victorian day dress. Ardenwood was outdoors, and I was dancing with customers at the event. This meant that I wasn't dancing for my own joy of it, but trying to make others feel the joy of dance. Also, outdoors in the direct sun, I really felt limited in what I could put into it. Also, being in my Victorian day dress (with my lovely new bonnet!), I immediately feel very different (and found myself unable to speak in my normal Californian accent) and much more proper. Gaskells was where I really let my hair down, while equally being the most dressed up. I could dance with whom I wanted and skip dances I didn't feel like doing. I was treated like a lady, had nothing to work on, and could really just relax and enjoy time with old friends. I thought for sure that after 9 hours of dancing in the previous 24 hours, I'd be bushed at Gaskells, but I flew through polkas with James without a care in the world and waltzed the night away with all my favorite people. Such fun. I had promised myself I'd spend Sunday relaxing and soaking my feet, but in the end I didn't need to.


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