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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Well, after a very prolific Monday last week, it's been a week since I posted, as I was reminded by Jennifer at the Plough last night. :-) Dancing was, as usual, loads of fun. But I haven't had a chance to post for a while because I haven't been at my desk. I've been in the computer lab with the LD team comparing conversion data between PeopleSoft, the registry, and Oracle. It's slow going. And I miss my desk! I miss my coffee pot, and my plants, and the tree out my window, and my little zen rock garden, and my email and IM, and listening to music while I work. Ah well, I'll be back here soon enough.

This weekend I went to the San Francisco Free Folk Festival. I took classes in Square Dancing, Rapper Sword dance, Double Hop Polka, and a little swing and French Country dance. Tons of fun. Oh sure, I nearly got a black eye in the rapper class (other dancer's hand vs. my glasses), but fun still.

But in the meantime, over a week ago, we had another venture into the Great Breakfast Mission. Cy and Athena called wanting to hunt breakfast. After some deliberation, we settled on Mimi's Cafe in Saratoga. This is a fairly new chain (less than 10 years old) that seems to fill the same basic niche as say Marie Calendars or something like, but it has a very Disney look and feel. It's a pseudo-French bistro setting. There's a lot of attention to detail in the look of the building and its interiors. The meals were a bit bland though. The coffee was so weak that I actually sent it back in favor of a cappucino, which still wasn't quite up to snuff. Every breakfast comes with a warm muffin, but these paled in comparison to Hobee's coffeecake. Rick's ham, cheddar and broccoli omelette was tasty. My omelette was rather bland and a bit oily. It's been long enough that I don't fully remember Cy and Athena's meals specifically, but my overall impression was that it was good enough, but nothing spectacular. I wouldn't be opposed to eating there again, but I also wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others.

So the mission continues. And conversion testing continues, so you likely won't hear much from me. It's odd. Jennifer reminded me that people actually read this thing from time to time. I also got an email from someone asking me about crepes recently. I feel like I'm just writing to keep track of my life, and it always surprises me when others read it.

Tonight: some quality time with Rick. Methinks we'll go see the Bourne Identity...


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