Almost there...

Sunday, July 21, 2002

As if by some deranged miracle, just when I had completely given up on Tiggs getting better, just after I talked to my grandmother about burial arrangements for her, just when I'd gotten from depression to more of a state of acceptance, Tiggs has started showing some clear signs of improvement. She's got a strong desire to be social again. She wants to go outside. Her glucose levels are still high, but lower than they were. She's drinking less water and peeing less. Frankly, I'm confused, but I'm not complaining. This little kitty got more than her fair share of lives apparently. She's still weak and thin, but she's actually trying to jump up on things (sometimes with tragicomical results) and sticking close to us.

So maybe, just maybe, the grim reaper is giving her a little reprieve. Let's hope so.


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