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Monday, July 08, 2002

For those who are keeping track, no, Tigger is not doing well. She was on an absolutely stupid amount of insulin and showing no signs of improvement. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner, but I finally got fed up with my vet and started doing some research online. The vet hasn't really been doing what she's supposed to. The vet's plan for getting her regulated has been to assign a dosage, wait three weeks, and do a fructoseamine. Six months of slow death 3 weeks at a time and Tiggs is no closer to having her diabetes regulated and she's much closer to kicking the bucket. She's thin and frail - down to eight and a half pounds on Friday - and I've had it with the current vet.

So I asked around for recommendations. Turns out, of the five people I got recommendations from, all five pointed to the Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos as the place to go. So I got Tiggs an appointment for Friday, and in the meantime, I bought a home glucose monitor, and starting doing glucose testing on my cat. Her glucose levels were all over the place, but I was glad to be testing her. On the fourth of July, I came home from a party early to give her insulin, and found her at 115, therefore needing no insulin. In the past, I would've just given it to her, never being the wiser.

Sadly, in all of this, Tiggs has picked up some bad habits. The diabetes causes her to drink a ton of water every day (about 64 ounces, when something like 7 ounces would be normal). She's therefore also peeing a lot. She wore out her Littermaid. She also seems confused sometimes. I've watched her walk over near her litter box and start to squat to pee on the floor. I pick her up and shove her in her litter box and she uses it just fine. Unfortunately, when we're asleep or at work, we can't monitor her like that. So we're having to lock her in the bathroom during the day. I'm really starting to think that if things don't change soon, if she doesn't get regulated in the next month or so, it's going to be time to put her to sleep. She's not happy living life in a cramped bathroom, and I can't let her pee on the carpets.

So, things aren't good. If my friends are wondering why I'm not around much, this is why. Tiggs has been with me since high school. She's just about the only thing that got me through it all when I was teaching in L.A. She has been my constant companion. And now is her time of need, and I'll be right there with her til the end. That end may be sooner than I'd hoped though.


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